Order and shipping


First you select the vehicle on the website. Then after exchanging all the necessary information and the purchase price in e-mail, the buyer can choose the appropriate transport mode.
The seller will deliver the selected motorcycle or sidecar to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Its price varies depending on distance, but usually it’s between 100-250 Euro / piece.


Attention! The prices indicated on the page are for information purposes only, we reserve the right to change the price!


A serious purchase intent is confirmed by the deposit. It is only 100-200 Euros. Then the motorcycle will not be advertised on any website and declared as sold.
The delivery time is about 15 to 25 days after the payment of the deposit. The delivery time depends to a great extent on the distance and how we can reconcile it with the delivery of the other vehicles sold.

On receipt, you can check and test drive the vehicle. Then you pay the remaining amount of money in cash and get the receipt, the purchase contract and the available documents of the vehicle.


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