1959 – Restored



This motorcycle has matching number on the frame and on the engine (654046) and the original data plate. It has EU papers so it can be registered without any problem. The motorcycle got a beautiful paintwork, the fuel tank got new chrome plating and has no rust in it. Every part has been disassembled, renewed and everything that needed to be replaced has been replaced for a new one. The engine did’t needed any repair, it runs very well. The oil was changed in the engine, gearbox and differential. The motorcycle got new brake pads, spokes, upholstery, ignition, wires and bowden cables. The rubber parts, fuel tap, filter, pipes and batteries are also new. It only needs registration and it can be used. The restoration took a lot of work and money. Especially the police parts and accessories. The red light and the horn is working perfectly.

I can do the delivery.

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